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April 18, 2021

I have been thinking about the Universe and my approach to getting things done. I've been using meditation too shore up my beliefs. Every morning I wake up, put in my contacts, start the coffee and then wander down to the basement studio and check in with Sam Harris for 10 to 12 minutes using his "Waking Up" app. We sit together for a small amount of time and consider awareness.

A few days ago something important came to me. I've been thinking about gifts to and from the Universe opposite from the way it was meant to be. I realized it's not what the universe can do for me, it's really about what I can do for the Universe. Do I really have gifts to give? Yes, we all do. If I do have gifts and talents to give, I need to give not take or expect something in return for what I do. (Example - I do a good audition. I expect I will book the job.)

I owe it to myself to cast my talent and skills to the Greater Good and release all expectations of what the universe can give back or do for me. I have no control over that. Do you? What I do have control over is doing my best work while living, practicing, auditioning or performing. Why did it take me so long to have this realization? I've always enjoyed giving material gifts to friends and family and never expected something in return.

Here's the bottom's better to give than to receive. So give what ya got my friends and don't hold back, or as my current acting coach Burgess Jenkins would say - Get out of your own way. Get out of the Universe's way.

Best Wishes,


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