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Blog #3 Saturday Afternoon

I seem to fall into very inspirational zoom meetings. Is it luck, good fortune or divine intervention? Whatever the gift, I am always grateful to receive messages of hope about my path in this life.

I just heard an inspiring message from and actress, model and minister (same person) who was as beautiful as her thoughts. The information she shared was focused on how to show up for an audition, a booking, a casting - but the message is really about life and showing up every day. As an actor, we can only have an authentic performance if we let our own true feelings and emotions (who we are, what we feel and where we've been) flow through the character. As humans we have humanity and humility, which is really about the joy and grace and being kind. Only when you focus on others will you find yourself.

So what's this all mean? For me, an aspiring actress, I will stay the course. I will learn about myself and my craft everyday. As a human being, this is my only choice. I've heard one of my favorite acting coaches and others say, "What is for you will not go by you. " He also says, "sometimes you have to reach out and grab it."

Stay the course, friends. Operate as if there is abundance in the world, not a deficit. Have a heart with hope and the ability for growth. Let faith be a foundation and hope your dream. Never give up. I won't.

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