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Blog #4 - Saturday, almost wine time

This was my horoscope today:

"You may find yourself feeling threatened in your business and personal relationships, which could cause you to react defensively."

My brain jumps up and says...better put yourself in "time out" and sort through the issues! Then I read..."These feelings may be caused by a sense of vulnerability or insecurity"

Pause ...Oh, hmmm, my brain now says ....I like the vulnerability. I seek vulnerability and dangerous acting. My coaches encourage it.

Ok, I'm taking myself out of "time out".

What's the point? First of all, we all have insecurities, dark places and defensive natures and I wouldn't bank too much on horoscopes to tell me what I already know.

My task is to recognize my faults and learn to love them. Love them and put them aside so they don't overcome my goodness and dreams.

Secondly, I wake up most days hopeful. Hopeful my dream will be realized...hopeful I will get an audition, get a call back, learn to memorize Shakespeare or continuously learn more about my craft. I am extremely hopeful that whenever I get on camera, be it in acting class, audition, on set - I will be authentic, vulnerable and grateful for the opportunity to share the story.

And because it is life, "stay the course"! No giving up. Have a heart for growth. At all costs, please persevere and keep the faith. Be authentic and be you!

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