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Blog #5 - Lovely Week

How was your week? Mine was good, but somewhat the same as last week. Sure hope it's not a trap. In actor speak, a trap is playing the general emotion without exploring what was is really going on, understanding the specifics - a general wash of an emotion, rather than what is really behind that feeling. Not understanding is the trap.

The best part of my week was talking to Carey Lewis, the Founder of ATMC or Actors, Talent, Models for Christ. I absolutely love her and everything she has done for people pursuing their passion for the arts. She finds a positive spin and has the truth to back up her life and journey. We all need role models like Carey in our lives, because without faith, we falter and find reasons not to move ahead...not to stay the course and believe there is a plan.

I do believe there is a plan for each of us - because, there has to be. Have hope and faith and live with a good heart.

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