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Blog #8 Sunday

Test all things, hold fast to what is good. I almost got a print job this week. My agent told me they decided to go more senior. I felt comfort in that, especially since it was a really good workout week at CrossFit.

Honestly, I am so happy I returned to group exercising and being encouraged by a coach. We still do yoga at home, husband David and me, but really working up a sweat needs to be done with other people working up a sweat. And I just could not do it by myself. I tried it, I tested it, yes I did. And The Covid pushed me into the experiment.

The Covid has pushed me in many ways. It has definitely tested my patience and endurance. It has done that to all of us. Yet, I've made new friends, tried projects, performances and coaches that I probably would have never done if it had not been for The Covid. How about you?

Hold fast to what is good. Have a beautiful and meaningful week.

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