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Blog #9 November 1

Here it is November 1. This month brings many things to many people. Our lives have changed so much from a year ago. For me, last year I was flying (I'm a flight attendant - not sure I've mentioned that) and Southwest was enjoying a banner year of profits. And now, the airlines, a vital industry, is suffering. The business traveler has a new way of meeting, the leisure traveler is fearful. The Covid is winning in this arena.

People ask me if I am flying much. My answer - not at all. I've taken Extended Emergency Time Off, which means I keep my job and benefits and won't see my friends and co-workers until 2022. I might get called back, I might get furloughed. Time will tell. I wasn't ready to stop working as a flight attendant. I wasn't ready to stop interacting with my passengers and friends. I truly miss my job.

I'm in a fight with The Covid and I am not going to let it win. I believe this enemy is trying to take us down. But I'm going to fight this and my other enemies, one day at a time.

I look at my last seven months as "Covid School". I've continued to learn about my craft of acting. And now I'm learning about the business of acting. Some days, I wonder why I try. Other days, I am filled with hope. Thankfully the hopeful days outweigh the aimless moments.

I've begun meditating. It's a nine minute thing called Waking Up by Sam Harris. I'm on Day 8. Like exercise, it may be a saving grace.

I'll let you know, next week. Be safe.

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