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Saturday Morning Blog #1

Good Morning. Are you healthy and happy? We all have our own responses to the question. I believe it has do do with what's going on deep in your soul. One of my acting coaches always asks this question that your character must consider.

Do you think with your heart, head, gut or groin?

My characters are usually in their head. I consider my response after it comes out of my mouth. Your head takes you on a very different path than your heart, gut or groin. Perhaps it stops us from really feeling or moving forward? Maybe it's a trap. I say that because I think the brain is a tricky place to reside. There's all that conscious and subconscious stuff that I want to learn about. Do you?

Have a great week. I'll be back next Saturday. And by the way, I did Cross Fit three times this week and three times last week. My ankles are a bit sore from the box jumps this week (which I dummy down to 25 pound weights stacked up instead of a box), but I'm thrilled to feel the pain. Be safe and happy.

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